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My Little Word for 2013


I’ve been hearing about this “little word for 2013” lately and decided that I was going to choose a word to concentrate on for this new year instead of doing the dreaded, breakable, normal “resolutions.”  I’m not a resolution girl per say but I do like to take an “inventory” of the prior year on New Year’s Eve and set some goals or vow to work on or change some things.  This year its alllllll about THE LITTLE WORD…PURSUE.  My word is PURSUE.

1. to follow in order to overtake, capture, kill, etc.; chase. (Not liking the kill part…)
2. to follow close upon; go with; attend.
3. to strive to gain; seek to attain or accomplish (an end, object, purpose, etc.).
4. to proceed in accordance with (a method, plan, etc.).
5. to carry on or continue (a course of action, a train of thought, an inquiry, studies, etc.

So my thought is to make sure that word is on my mind and tongue and in front of me every day for 2013.  The word strikes a chord in me.  After a big 2012 (new business, my artwork, running my first 5K, going through all the “firsts” after my mother passed away, moving, etc.) I decided that I still want to keep growing and changing and creating my life. PURSUE is an awesome word!

So far it means to me:  walk through every open door, if the door isn’t open, OPEN IT, stick your neck out there, don’t quit, go after what you want, pursue relationships, pursue new skills, pursue your dreams, pursue wellness, pursue GOD.  And down the road, I’m sure the word will take on new meanings and actions.

I’m excited about this word!

Also, in 2013, I am diving into the world of “Art Journaling.”  My goal is to spend at least 10 minutes per day working in a journal and documenting this journey.  I can’t wait!  Happy New Year everyone!

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