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Have Your Best Lent Ever


I’m so excited about Lent this year!  We as Catholics are so lucky!  I just couldn’t imagine being a part of a church that did not observe Lent.  This year, I am going WAY deep.  Last year I was disappointed in myself and I really did not have a good Lent. I’m making up for it this year.  Let me share with you what I’m doing!

  • Daily Rosary (yep. this.)
  • I am not buying anything I do not need.  I have to Really need something to buy it.  I will not buy things I WANT.  Not things I desire.  I will not try to convince myself that I “need” art supplies, more planner supplies, more makeup, more clothing, more online art classes, more STUFF.  I do not.  Truly.  I do not.
  • Frequent visits our Adoration Chapel
  • Morning devotions.

There are several devotions that I’m signed up to receive via email.  I’m stunned at how many there are out there.  Many new organizations and programs have popped up on my radar!

  1. Matthew Kelly’s organization Dynamic Catholic is doing a series for Lent called “Best Lent Ever” I have admired Matthew for many years, read and listened to all of his books and teachings.  He’s amazing.

Join Matthew Kelly, the best-selling Catholic author in America, on a life-changing journey through your Best Lent Ever. Each week, participants will receive short videos and inspiration from Matthew that explain the genius of Catholicism and empower them to become the best-version-of-themselves. It’s simple and completely FREE, the only cost is your commitment to live better each day this Lent.

2. Chris Stefanick at Real Life Catholic is also doing a Lenten “retreat” series called “The Way Retreat.”  Sign up here   Click SUBSCRIBE in the upper left hand corner.  LENT.  IT’S WHAT JESUS DOES. (Love that!)

3. Father Robert Barron has his Daily Lent Reflections (they are good!)  SIGN UP HERE

4. Blessed Is She – this is a new one on my radar screen.  I’m still finding out more about this organization but I am very excited by what I see so far!  You can sign up for their newsletter by clicking the Subscribe button.  They also have a Facebook Group.   LOVE!

We are here to journey together in our Catholic faith. As a community of women: mothers, wives, single women, religious, we are all in this together. Let’s build our foundation on the rock that is this Church and His Word.

5. Redeemed Online is also new to me.  Oh My Word.  This is good!  Sign up for daily videos in Lent 2015 at bottom of the page.

Lent and #ShareJesus are here.

#ShareJesus – the biggest social media experience in the Catholic Church is happening now.

Let’s get to hashtagging people!

Now, how can you NOT have an awesome Lent with these resources?!  We are so very blessed!  Woot Woot!  Till next time…Blessings!  Michelle