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Lynn and a conversation with the Holy Spirit


I have a very dear “old” friend that I have reunited with about 6 yrs ago. We went to high school together. We sang in the choir together. We had some classes together. Even though we really didn’t hang out a lot in high school, I have always considered her my friend. I saw her and her awesome husband at our 20th reunion and recently at our 25th. We’ve been chatting and Facebooking ever since. She is an amazing woman, a devout Catholic and a mom of 7. In all honesty, I am kind of jealous of her. She has a way about her that makes you feel so special. She radiates holiness. Her family prays the rosary every day and she is a daily mass attendee.

She called me the other night. When the phone rang I was tempted to put the call into voice mail because I was tired. I didn’t feel like talking. I talk constantly every day for my job. I just wanted to vegetate. (Like my brutal honesty?) I picked up the phone and I’m so glad I did.

Background: I have been sort of suffering from a spiritual dryness as of late. I pray, don’t get me wrong, I pray a lot. I pray constantly through my day and I pray before I go to sleep. However, I am not being the Catholic I aspire to be. The daily mass attending Catholic, the weekly confession kind of Catholic, the daily rosary saying Catholic, the novena saying Catholic, the visiting the Blessed Sacrament, the Adoration attending Catholic. My life circumstances have changed a lot. I used to be a better Catholic. I used to be the Catholic that Lynne is.

Our conversation had been a long time in coming. She’s so busy with her big family and I am so busy with my life – Just picking up the phone to connect with my friends is so hard for me and sometimes exhausting to me. I hate to say that. But Lynne blessed me by picking up the phone for the both of us.

She had a lot of miraculous things to tell me – things happening in her life and in the lives of those she knows that truly touched me. People going to confession for the first time in years, people who are in the final stages of life accepting Jesus and their long rejected Catholicism, people going through conversion. I thought to myself, “Lord, I want to witness those things happening in the lives of the people I know!” Again, I was jealous. My life has been dry. As I was listening to her, a conviction came over me. A conviction that I needed to “step it up and get back to how I was meant to live and act.” I audibly heard “Get off of Facebook in the morning, instead, say your rosary, pray, read good Catholic books.” “Pray without ceasing and you too will see miracles.” It was so awesome…It was like a release. A warm Holy Spirit breath coming through my blackberry. Thank you Lynn for being such a wonderful influence in my life!