Well, I’m not really JUST a Catholic girl…I’m a daughter, a sister, a friend, a night person, a Christian, a reader, a passionate apologist for the Catholic Church, a prayer warrior, a Rosary sayer, a shoe lover, a single person, a technology lover, an advocate, a great listener, a teacher, a confidant.  I’m a wine lover, a great cook, a researcher, a positive person, a believer, a natural with kids and a great “Auntie”.  And most recently, I have become a mixed media artist!

I pray that you keep reading my blog. It’s re-birth in November of 2010 came with some soul searching. I was about to delete it all together. If I kept the blog up it would have to be a reflection of me. It would have to contain my own material. I am not a born writer. I don’t really think I’m that good at it. I asked myself, would anyone want to read what I write? Am I good enough? I decided I’d give it another shot. I hope you’ll enjoy a different perspective, some rawness and transparency…it’s from my heart and I thank you in advance for your support!


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  1. Hello! Found your blog while when I was searching for sam miller’s speech and I just want to say that I hope you’d continue blogging–positive ideas are so much needed in public opinion!

  2. Happy Feast of the Assumption of Mary!

    On this beautiful feast may your lives be blessed by the faithfulness and love of God that so characterized Mary’s life!


  3. We’re so proud that we can say you’re a family member. Keep it up sweetie, you’re doing great!
    Aunt Patty & Uncle Jack

  4. I am just proud to be your friend. Everything you are doing and how you are doing it. You are an empowerer! And I love you.

  5. Hi! Just popped in to say how much I love your blog and your artwork! Thank you so much for your beautifully heart-felt writing and for your amazing art. I’m looking forward to following your blog; I know it’s one of those that will have me doing the “happy dance” when I see an entry notification in my email inbox. 🙂

  6. I smell a rat too re: John of god . My mother warned me no “soothsayers”. It’s kinda creepy all the young girl assistants etc

  7. please keep blogging
    loved it.
    i was looking for st benedict and st michael’s medal when i came across your blog..
    i’m from south africa.

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