I’m an OILY girl!


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Hello blogospere!  It’s been such a long time…I had even forgotten my password to get into my blog.  Sad.  I have missed blogging and I can’t believe I’ve let it go for so long.  I am going to make it a priority to blog at least 2 x a month.  So…what’s been going on with me these days?

I have been introduced to essential oils!  And…I’m kinda nutty crazy for them!  I have been a user of Lavender oil and Peppermint oil for years but never really strayed too far from those “Swiss Army Knives” of oils. I used the Lavender to promote sleep and the Peppermint for the banging in my noggin.

I have always been drawn to beautiful aromas.    Just recently I decided to take the plunge into this new world and go all out.  I truly believe that the medical system and medicines are failing us and actually causing more ailments.  Don’t get me started on Big Pharma. Not going to get into that here.  Not going to get deep or political.   My chosen company (after months of research) for purchasing my oils and supplements is Young Living.  Check out my website HERE and if you want to…Like my Facebook Group I NEED AN OIL CHANGE to see more of what I’m up to!  I definitely needed an oil change.  Now, I consider myself Essentially spOILed!  I am thrilled to be able to offer these oils and I’m loving the benefits I am experiencing with my health.  And no…I’m not going all “New Agey or Hippy”.  I know who heals.  But HE provided us with the means to do it. Here’s an excerpt from a book I’m reading called Healing Oils of the Bible by David Stewart Ph.D.

 Oils of the bible exerpt

Contact me if you have any questions or want to chat.

Blessings and love to you all!  Michelle


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