Creative Girl Class

Hello, Hello my beautiful peeps!  I wanted to share a class I’m taking called “Creative Girl” – taught by Danielle Donaldson.  I’m really excited about this class!  I just love Danielle’s creations and she’s such a great teacher.  She taught a week in another class I took called “Studying Under the Masters.”  Her “master” was Georgia O’Keefe.  It was excellent!

I saw that they were doing a give away and just had to blog about it so I could add one more chance to my odds!  LOL!  (someone’s gotta win, right??!)  So…my question to you is:  Want to join me??   Danielle Donaldson is a true artist with a huge heart!  I love her style!  Can’t wait to learn from her!  P.S. I won “her” in another contest and get to be mentored by her!  Can not wait!  Check out the class description and the give away on this blog:


Danielle asked on a Facebook status post a few days ago:  “If you had to write a sentence about my art – describing it to a friend. What would you say? And if you could learn one thing from me. (Techniques and process, especially the process) What would it be?”

My reply was:  To me, your creations are: Uniquely delicate, stylistically ethereal, whimsically groovy, masterfully colored, mystically Victorianesque, and filled with story and meaning stimulating the imagination. What I would wish to learn: everything!! You rock!

I hope you join me in “The Land of Light and Shadows!” What do you have to lose?  Early bird registration $28 for a few more days. So.Unbelieveably.Reasonably.Priced.  BELIEVE ME.  This is a steal!  This class is going to be priceless!  creativeGIRLfinallogo_zps101604b8



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