Our converts need our prayers…


Especially NOW! 

It is so important for us to remember to pray and fast for our brothers and sisters who are about to come into full communion with the church on this Easter Vigil.  These days leading up to the Vigil are probably the most intense for them.

I have been blessed to sponsor a few amazing people into the church:

*Casey*  *Sheri *  *Denise*  *Michelle*

PhotoSheet 6x4 (192_9901,2862_789) 1

…and I know from past experience that this is the time when the devil will start to discourage, rob them of their joy and mess with their heads.  Please join me in prayer for all of them!  Those you know personally, those entering from your home parish and those around the entire world.

And, while we are at it, let’s pray for the Church and our Pope.  With yesterday’s stunning news out of the Vatican, all I can think of is pray, pray, pray.

Happy Fat Tuesday everyone!


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  1. Seeing this photo brings back so many memories. I converted 6 years ago and I remember the “laying on of hands” so well and feeling the Holy Spirit inside me. Such a beautiful time of year it is and I’m struggling every day to get as deeply in love with the faith as I was during that time….lots of things have happened since then and I sure have strayed. Thanks for sharing your art and your faith! di (I’m PackerDi on instagram, just so you know. lol)

    • PackerDi! I am so glad you found me! Love your beautiful creations, you are so talented! From one Catholic girl to another…you can get that love for the church back. Believe me. I did!

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