Ready, Set…LAUNCH!


Ahhh Hemmm….Drum roll please!!

It is with great pleasure and excitement that I get to announce the official launch of my

TeaBags And Gardenias website!

The site is live!  WOOT WOOT!

A few minor tweaks are needed but I couldn’t wait a second longer for everyone to check it out!  Please take a look and let me know what you think!  click me! I had a very talented web designer named Harris to work with…he’s great!  In school at GA Tech, does this on the side.  He put up with all of my changes, requests, edits, ideas, etc. like a true champ!  I was just waiting for him to drop me but he didn’t!  I know what I want and I want what I want and I want it like I envision it…sometimes that is tough to deal with.  And as a result, I believe we have a fantastic collaboration that suits who I am, my personality and style!  I hope you like the site as much as I do!  The goal was to have one central place for everyone to go.  From my homepage you can access this blog, my shop and portfolio among other things.


Then, I took a peek at Donna Downey’s blog and low and behold!!!  My altered brush was featured today! Click HERE to take a peek! Everyone who submits a brush gets featured but I am still excited and proud!   I admire Donna greatly and her site has a lot of traffic.  My brush will be hung on the walls in her studio in Hendersonville, NC.

I hope to go there someday and take one of her workshops.  That would be a bucket list item of mine.  She’s so brilliant!

Have a beautiful day!  – Michelle


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  1. Congrats on getting your website up and running! That is a major accomplishment, and the site is wonderful! It’s easy to browse, and colorful, fun, and playful — just like your artwork. I think you and the web designer did a great job on it.

    Congrats, too, on getting your altered brush featured. It’s adorable!!

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