“Someone Special” SMASH* page and my first Mixed Media Canvas!


Day 4 SMASH* challenge:  Someone Special

When thinking about who I wanted to put on my pages for this challenge, I knew it had to be Mary!  She is sooooo very special to me, such a blessing in my life and a constant thread running through my tapestry!  What would I do without her?  She has really been there for me this past year as I mourn my mother.  She has suffered through her own mother’s death and knew exactly what I needed to hear and when I just needed to cry.  I am forever grateful!  She is a text book example of a BEST FRIEND!  Special does not describe her fully!

These pictures of us are WAY Old. However, its how I choose to remember us! Hot, Sassy and Wild! LOL! Not to mention skinny, young…did I say skinny and young?

Next up, a peek into my first Mixed Media She Art Canvas.  I had a ball!!!!!!!!  I really do love her!  I have never done anything like this in my life.  I’m keeping my first one!  I already have someone who wants to buy two canvasses!  Unreal!  Special thank you to the person on the SMASH*aholics page on Facebook for posting the link to this blog – Such A Pretty MessGabrielle, You ROCK!  Thank you for inspiring me.  I never would have tried to do this unless I saw your video tutorial.  Thank you for not being stingy with your craft, pattern and ideas.

Cut outs from the stencil on Gabrielle’s blog.

What she looked like assembled.

Finger Painting the sides of the canvas. Not gonna have a pretty manicure EVER again!

Prepping the canvas with paper.

Paint, Stencils, Mist paint…

Letters placed on canvas for a “mask.” Mister Huey’s Color Mists. And a nice shot of my foot!

Mod Poded her on and doodled and outlined. Now I’m getting excited!

Added the words. “She was true to herself. She felt at peace.”

Almost done, still need to do some shading and highlighting.


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