I know it’s summer…but I SMASH*ed about Spring today!


I had the best time this spring taking pictures with my BlackBerry.  Some turned out fabulously and I wanted to somehow preserve and enjoy them for days to come.  So…I decided that I’d SMASH* them.  I had fun with this spread!  I sit here baking in the hot record breaking temps on July 2 and kinda wish it was spring again.  Every flower I’ve purchased for outside is DUST.  The grass is burning up, the air is stifling.  My Gardenias are done.  The beauty of Spring is no more.  I am sooo looking forward to Fall.  I love SPRING and I love FALL in Georgia!

I also SMASH*ed one page about our Florida trip at Easter.  Wish I were there now.  Its probably not as hot!  LOL!

I also started on my “SHE ART” project this weekend.  I still have a few supplies that need to come in but I’m almost there.  Waiting on some paints, India Ink pens, and I’ll be off and running.  I’ve filled up about 2 pages of ideas, words etc. I want to use.  I am hoping to specialize in Marian “SHE ART.”  We’ll see!  My brain is working overtime and ideas about that are non stop!  I’m excited!

Here’s my first Girl.  Here skin is cut from an old antique children’s book.


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