The SMASH*aholics PINK Challenge


More pages from Mom’s SMASH* Book.  Nurses school graduation in 1962 and more recent shots from her career as a nurse.  The challenge was just simply USE PINK.  My mom was such a beauty.  She was an awesome nurse and loved her career.  Even when she was retired and went to dialysis 3 x a week, she pretended to be at “work.”  She would say, “Today at work…”  Subconscious slip.  She really meant, “today at dialysis.”  The nurses at the dialysis center knew my mom was special.  They let her into their world, shared things with her and treated her like she was on staff.  They were so wonderful to her!  And my mom never lost her “nursing heart.”  She smiled at everyone, asked how they were and watched over the place many times alerting the nurses that “so and so” needed something, or “so and so” wasn’t feeling good.  Once its in your blood, I guess it never goes away.  She wanted to be the NURSE.  NOT the one being nursed.

I think my most favorite part of this spread is the card I found from Joey.  I love that I could “disassemble” it and preserve it forever instead of it just sitting in a box somewhere.  The huge pink rose is the cover of that special Mother’s day card he gave her.  And the signature says it all.  She was an amazing mother to us.  Miss her so much!


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