A Chance To Do Something GOOD


I have a good friend.

She has a daughter.

Her daughter has a boyfriend. His name is Seth.  Seth is an amazing kid.  He lost his mom to cancer 3 years ago.  Seth has 3 younger brothers that he took care of when his mom passed.  The 3 brothers and the dad now live in TN with their grandmother.  Seth lives here in the Atlanta area.  Seth’s dad and 3 brothers were driving home from a family vacation in North Carolina.  Seth’s dad swerved off the road.  They think he may have had a heart attack.  Seth’s dad Mark died on impact.  The 3 brothers were injured.  Two remain in the hospital.  Corey flew through the windshield 30 feet and has a head injury.  Tucker shattered his pelvis, broke his collar bone, leg and ankle.  Eli made it with only cuts and bruises.

The Manis family is in deep financial need.  They are trying to raise money for a proper burial for Mark.  Should you want to do a good deed for a family who has been through hell, please consider donating to the Mark Manis Memorial Fund.

First National Bank of Oneida   (423) 569-8586

The Mark Manis Memorial Fund/Account #543587

First National Bank of Oneida

PO Box  950

Helenwood, TN  37755

no credit card donations please mail check or use your online bill pay.

Please keep this family in your prayers!  Thank you!


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