Confession…”There’s an APP for that!”


First off I want to say that the Sacrament of Confession is a gift. I don’t know personally what I would do without it!

There has been much buzz about the new App for Confession for your I Phone or I Pad. Its called “Confession: A Roman Catholic App.” There has been a lot of news coverage, blogging and I even saw someone post about it on Facebook. An ex-Catholic who obviously has an issue with the Church stating something like “I’m glad I have a direct line to God now and don’t have to go through a priest and buy an APP approved by the Pope…” Oh man… So very silly silly frustrating frustrating misinformed misinformed irritating irritating! Don’t make me have to go to confession people!  🙂

There will more than likely be much talk and ridicule about this in the coming days. People will take this opportunity to bash the church. However, I did read one blog that’s headline was “Evangelicals Should Take Cue from Catholic Confession App.” That said I wanted to get what this App is REALLY about out there.

This does not replace the Sacrament (YES, Sacrament instituted by Christ) of Confession people!!! Sorry to tell ya, we still have to go! Basically what this App does is aid people. It will aid us in a thorough examination of conscious and help us not to forget what we need to confess. I don’t know about you, but I forget what I need to confess as soon as I hit the Confessional. I ALWAYS bring in notes with me. It just keeps me focused and on track. This App is just like that. It is designed to be used in the confessional. The customizable program is endorsed by the U.S. Bishops (it even comes with a Nihil Obstat, an official signal of theological endorsement.)

The App will also walk you through the entire process, the prayers, the responses etc. If I had an I-Phone or I-Pad I’d spend $1.99 and definitely use it. Maybe a Blackberry version will be available soon. Check it out at Little iApps, LLC

And once again, I’m posting this video about Confession.  It’s short and sweet and to the point.

Let me know what you think about the App when you download it and use it! One of our priests uses his I Pad for his homilies. The sign of the times!


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