7 Quick Takes (Volume 1)


I am a frequent reader of the blog ConversionDiary.com and decided to take a crack at Jennifer’s 7 Quick Takes Friday.  I find it sorta like a “brain dump” in a way.  I love to just dump my brain on a piece of paper…Very cathartic!  So, here we go!  A huge welcome to all of my new visitors from ConversionDiary!!  Make yourselves at home!   -Michelle


I have been reading the most Ahhhhmazing book.  It’s called “Climbing The Mountain Discovering Your Path To Holiness” co-authored by “Anne” a lay apostle and Bill Quinn. My friend Lynn told me about this book a while back and I recently got off my duff and ordered it.  It’s apparently a big deal in the Saint Louis area.  She said that the book is making it’s rounds all over her parish and it is spreading like wildfire to other parishes.  I can see why.  I have not been able to put the book down.  Taken from the back of the book:

In 2003, Jesus revealed a mission of great mercy to Anne, a lay apostle.  The Volumes, which Anne recorded from locutions, came from God the Father, Jesus, Mary, and many saints.  This book contains the story of how this mission began and how it has blossomed into a world-wide apostolate, under the watchful eye and in complete obedience to the Catholic Church.  Also featured is a summary of Anne’s mystical experiences of heaven and her vision of the personal call to holiness that each of us must hear.  This is a book to be treasured, as it reveals the intimate love of the Savior for each soul.  Every reader will be called to great rejoicing, for truly, God’s Kingdom comes.

I recommend this book very highly!  You can learn more here: DIRECTION FOR OUR TIMES


I have been dreaming about the beach and about summer time.  I am so done with this winter.  This has been a rough one for everyone and I know without a doubt that we are not suffering as bad as most are.  HOWEVER, I am definitely ready to have our moderate/mild weather back.  I know I should not complain…but I am going to.  I can definitely tell a difference in my attitude,  mood, energy level and over all feeling of wellness when it’s cold and dreary outside.  I have been supplementing with Vitamin D – I know I’m low!  I can’t wake up in the morning, I feel sluggish and I AM DONE!  I think I may be a little depressed.  I am ready for January to be done.  This weekend it is supposed to 60 degrees outside.  Thank you God!   I know lack of exercise contributes to this also…but who the heck wants to get out of bed for the gym in this crap?  Not me.  


I am still really missing Simba but it’s getting more tolerable every single day.  See my blog about my baby boy’s passing here:  A Tribute to a Friend.

I posted on my Facebook status that I was having trouble squelching the “I want a new dog” voice in my head.  Decided not to get a new dog just yet.  Need to wait at least a month and then re-evaluate.  I don’t want to jump the gun.  I still miss my boy though.  We received a sympathy card from the vet today.  The whole staff signed it.  **SNIFF**  He was such a good dog.  He was a great companion for my mom.  He lived a good life.  This is a shot of him taking a nap.  He loved his blue pillow!  Love you Simby!


My father finally got approved for his Continuous Glucose monitor.  (I won’t go nutty about BCBS or the huge run around by doctors or their incompetance…that’s a different blog for a different day!)  It arrived today!  Check it out! Thank you Lord!  Maybe now I’ll relax and stop worrying!  It seems like an amazing machine.  Low blood sugar episodes are very scary. 


What in the Hallelujah is going on in Egypt?  All hell is breaking loose!  The headlines are unbelievable.  I am very distressed by this.  We must pray for the peaceful resolution of this situation!  Read John McCain’s statement on these events HERE. Still love him!


Why in the world have I been craving Taco Salads from Taco Bell?  We all found out this week their “beef” is loaded with crap.  Go figure.  Unreal.  Can’t trust anything anymore.


Remembering the Challenger anniversary today.  25 years…it does not seem possible.  Please read my “Go Fish” Friday entry today on my Infant of Prague! I set it up to be published it early this morning  and you might have missed it!  Thanks!

Have an awesome weekend everyone!  Your sister on the Journey,  Michelle


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