This email came today from my friend Gina…an answer to prayer and something I really needed to read and be reminded of. I wanted to share with you all.

from Dorothy Boyd & Kimberly Prillhart!!!

I will trust and obey because my future is worth more than my fear and whatever God has determined for me.

I don’t want to miss it!

Dorothy Boyd – Career Conference 2008

Let that thought really sink into you this morning. We are told many times over not to fear in the Bible. Fear is paralyzing. Fear keeps us stuck where we are with no hope of moving forward. Fear is simply False Evidence Appearing Real!!!

Don’t let FEAR distract your schedule today!! Trust God and His plan for you – then move that trust into OBEDIENCE because what we stand to gain is worth far more than being waited down with fear. Why would we want to miss God’s BEST for us??

What could you do today if you were guaranteed not fail?? Why not shake off the fears and get busy!!! You just MIGHT do it!! But you’ll never know until you try!! Don’t let fear stand in the way of what God has planned for you.


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